SBC Prayer Guide for Afghanistan

Source: Baptist Press

  • Pray for the Afghan people as they navigate political unrest, violence and persecution. Pray that they may find peace in Christ among overwhelming circumstances.
  • Pray that God would intervene and glorify His name in this tragic situation.
  • Pray for Afghan believers whose lives are being threatened by the new regime. Ask God to give them courage and strength.
  • Pray for Afghans at risk because of their service alongside the U.S. government and that they would be quickly and safely evacuated.
  • Pray that the millions of Afghans who have never heard the Gospel will have an opportunity to hear.
  • Pray for neighboring countries, as well as countries around the globe, as they attempt to host the surge of refugees coming out of Afghanistan.
  • Pray for Afghans who are desperately trying to leave Afghanistan. • Pray that those helping will be able to overcome obstacles as they facilitate the exits and relocations of Afghans.
  • Pray that the physical needs of those waiting at entrances and at the airport will be met, including protection, water, and more.
  • Pray for favor and that pathways become available to safety and relocation.
  • Pray for countries to open their borders and for people to open their hearts to those being displaced from their homes.
  • Pray for those who will not be relocated.


  • 為被夾纏在政治動盪,暴力橫行,和宗教迫害中的阿富汗人民禱告,求基督的平安在難以承受的塲景中臨到他們。
  • 求上帝介入這個悲慘的局面,使祂的聖名得着榮耀。
  • 為在新政權下生命受威脅的阿富汗信徒禱告,求上帝賜下勇氣和力量。
  • 為與美國政府合作、因提供服務而身陷險境的阿富汗人禱告,以達至快速並安全的撤離。
  • 為數百萬從未聽聞福音的阿富汗人禱告,使他們有聽信福音的機會。
  • 為與其毗鄰的、及全球其他的國家禱告。他們正試圖接收從阿富汗湧入的難民潮。
  • 為求離家去國、不惜拼死出走的阿富汗人民祈禱。
  • 為那些促進阿富汗人民離境、重新徙置的協助者禱告,使他們能克服整個過程中的種種困難。
  • 為在關口前及機場中等待入境者的物質需要,包括安全、用水等禱告。
  • 為苦難者有通 的路,可安全直達徙置區禱告。 為各國政府開放邊界、人民開放心懷,以期接待顛沛流離的群眾禱告。 為那些不能(或不願)離鄉別井的人們禱告。

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