Etiquette for Online Worship

Rev. Peter Leong

1. Designated a place in your home to participate in worship.
2. Devote the time to worship and do nothing else.
3. If possible, invite members of your own family to worship together with you.
4. Be careful to dress appropriately for worship.
5. Participate in the entire worship by singing the hymns/songs, praying, reading scripture, giving of your tithes and offering, listening to the preached word, being attentive to the announcements and family sharing, and receiving the benediction.
6. Do not eat or drink during the worship.
7. When the worship is over, take time to contact 7 other people that you have not regularly been in touch with to “visit” and to pray with them.
8. Place the offering you usually give to the church in your personalized offering envelope each week and keep it until we resume “Reality” Worship.
9. Give your feedback about the quality and effects of the weekly broadcast of the worship through social media. This will help to make the worship a better experience for all.

Rev. Peter Leong is the Pastor Advisor of the Grace Chinese Baptist Church, Sugarland, Texas, a former President and Advisor of the Chinese Baptist Fellowship of the US and Canada.



  1. 設定一個專屬敬拜的地方。
  2. 撥出時間參加崇拜…,除了敬拜不作其他事務、
  3. 若可以、請安排與家人一同敬拜。
  4. 注意穿著端正的衣裝。
  5. 充分配合參與崇拜、唱詩、禱告、看聖經、奉獻、聆聽講道、 關心家事分享、領受祝福。
  6. 敬拜中,不要吃喝。
  7. 崇拜後,找時間與七位平時少接觸的恩浸人致候、問安和禱告。
  8. 每禮拜的奉獻放在奉獻封,等待教會恢復崇拜時,一併奉獻。
  9. 請將收聽的效果告訴教牧同工和會務委員會同工,以便改進。

Don’t Allow this Pandemic Go to Waste

Rev. K.L. Leung
(translated by Rev. Amos Lee)

1. If you do not believe that God permitted this pandemic to happen, then you have allowed this
pandemic to go to waste. Whatever happened, God allowed it. Matthew 10:29, “Aren’t two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them falls to the ground without your Father’s consent.”

2. If you set your sights only on the outward work of preventing this pandemic and have not allowed the Holy Spirit to do the work of preventing a sin pandemic, then you have allowed this pandemic to go to waste. Do you condone sinful behavior: boastful, greed, hateful, contentious, treacherous…just like before? Don’t just overcome the pandemic, let it remind you that you
also need to overcome your sinful nature. Psalms 51:10, “God, create a clean heart for me and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”

3. If you refuse to consider death as a present reality, then you have allowed this pandemic to go to waste. Luke 9:25, “What is a man benefited if he gains the whole world, yet loses or forfeits himself?” Psalms 90:12, “Teach us to number our days carefully so that we may develop wisdom in our hearts.”

4. If you only hope that this pandemic might soon quickly pass so that you might return to your normal lives and not consider the heart of God in the matter and cherish Christ even more, then you have allowed this pandemic to go to waste. Colossians 3:1 “So if you have been raised with the Messiah, seek what is above, where the Messiah is, seated at the right hand of God.” At this moment, the Lord wants you to be spiritually awakened, to be sensitive to the things eternal, the salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ and stop doing the mundane.

5. If you spend most of your time reading up the latest on this pandemic and not spend enough time reading the Word of God, then you have allowed this pandemic to go to waste. It is not wrong to be knowledgeable about the pandemic but don’t do it at the expense of knowing your God. Don’t be a loser! Psalms 1:2-3, “Instead, his delight is in the Lord’s instruction, and he
meditates on it day and night. He is like a tree planted beside streams of water that bears its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers.”

6. If you do not use this pandemic as an opportunity to allow it to testify to the reality of Christ and to the glory of God, then you have allowed this pandemic to go to waste. Christians do not just simply appear in any place by chance, they are there for a reason – for God’s purpose. II Timothy 4:2, “Proclaim the message; persist in it whether convenient or not; rebuke, correct, and encourage with great patience and teaching.” When we see Christians in Wuhan, China witnessing in the streets and passing out tracts and face masks unhindered, we know that this pandemic provides us with a good opportunity to witness to the glory of God.

o The scripture portions quoted are from the Holman Christian Standard Bible.
❖ Rev. K.L. Leung is the Past President of the Alliance Bible Seminary, Hong Kong.
❖ Rev. Amos Lee is the Executive Director of the Chinese Baptist Fellowship of the US and Canada


1. 如果你不相信疫情是上帝允許的 ,你就浪費了這次疫情。 凡事的發生,都有上帝的允許。
太 10: 29 若是你們的父不許,一個麻雀也不能掉在地上。

2. 如果你只注意外面的防疫,而沒有靠聖靈防備罪疫,你就會浪費這次疫情。你是否在容忍罪 : 自誇,貪婪,仇恨,爭競,詭詐…..和疫情沒來時一樣呢?不要只想著勝過疫情,而是疫情提醒你勝過罪性。
詩 51: 10 神啊,求你為我造清潔的心,使我裏面重新有正直的靈。

3. 如果你拒絕考慮死亡,你就會浪費了這次疫情。
路 9: 25 人若賺得全世界,卻喪失了自己,賠上自己,有什麼益處呢。
詩篇90: 12求你指教我們怎樣數算自己的日子,好叫我們得著智慧的心。

4. 如果你只盼望疫情盡快止住,只為著活下去和正常生活,而不尋求明白神的心意和更珍惜基督,你就會浪費這次疫情。
西 3: 1你們若真與基督一同復活,就當求在上面的事,那裡有基督坐在神的右邊。

5. 如果你花太多時間閱讀關於疫情資訊,卻沒有足夠時間讀神的話語,你就浪費了這次疫情。了解關於疫情情況並沒有錯,如導致了解神的熱情減少,就必受虧損。
詩 1: 2-3 惟喜愛耶和華的律法,晝夜思想,這人便為有福。他要像一棵樹栽在溪水旁,按時候結果子,葉子也不枯乾。凡他所做的盡都順利。

6. 如果你沒有好好利用這次疫情,讓它成為基督真實和榮耀的見證,你就在浪費這次疫情。基督徒不是偶然出現在任何一個地方的,他在任何處境都有神的美意。
提後 4: 2 務要傳道,無論得時不得時,總要專心。


Food for Thought: Meaningful Worship in a Pandemic

Rev. Johnny Wang

When something big like the Coronavirus (COVID 19) Pandemic of 2019 hits, it catches our attention. Are church people, both leaders and members, ready for the unannounced and sudden arrival of the disruptions of such magnitude? Worship services, undoubtedly are one of most important activities in Christian church ministry that can be disrupted by any of the following: wars, natural disasters like storm and flood, human mistakes in forest fire, political and religious persecutions and in the destruction of church and temple buildings, in denial of freedom in assembly and practices, and health pandemics as seen in history and at our doorsteps. The signs of success in 21st century in world business are big, more, and eye-catching; Church “business” is not exempted from such in opinion polls.

When church attendance is affected, take worship for example, what are our immediate and long-term measures for now and for time to come? Thank God for on-line digital modern miracles that keep believers connected. However, this is not the ideal long-term solution to having close-distance fellowship with God and fellow-Christians.

According to Jeremiah Chapters 7 and 8, three things are suggested that we do with regards to meaningful worship:

FIRST, approach worship with “clean hands” (Jer. 7:1-12). Look for holiness in your personal life. Holiness is God’s 20/20 vision into our lives! Don’t be a virus carrier in close contact with other worshippers that would cause trouble in worship places, the church!

SECOND, approach worship with a “sincere desire” (7:21-24). Obey the voice of the Lord. Do what the Law says in the 15-day Shelter in-Place order. In simple language, don’t just hear, but have a desire to do! Don’t just say, but act upon it! Isaiah chapter one points out His displeasure in many things found in worshippers in their insincerity. God loves His people to worship Him in spirit and in truth!

THIRD, approach the worship with repentance, for there is always physician for recovery (Jer. 8:4-7;20-22). There shall be other viruses that can cause trouble in our lifetime. If Christians say that they have no sin; they lie! Christians win over sin by confessing and by coming before Christ whose blood cleanses all our sins for Father God’s justification.

Collectively, the church is a Christian group. Worship is a collective Christian gathering. Numbers and locations matter little. Just imagine when the worship service is full of virus-free people in close fellowship, who should care about BIG, MORE, AND ATTENTION; this worship has it all. I shall have no need to look for another church nor another kind of worship service. Dear fellow servants of the Lord, hang loose; and by being faithful to Him and His words, spread the Gospel. My fellow-Christians, true peace can only be found in our Lord; and, there is always physicians and balm available for healing in Christ.”

Rev. Johnny Wang is an Advisor and a past President of the Chinese Baptist Fellowship of the US and Canada. He and his wife, Vivian, live in San Francisco, California.



當像2019年的冠狀病毒(COVID 19)這樣的大流行來襲時,它引起了我們的注意。作為教會中人,無論是帶領者還是成員,我們是否都準備好怎樣應對這突如其來的的巨大的干擾和破壞?崇拜無疑是教會事工中最重要的活動之一,可被以下何一件事情中斷:戰爭,天災,如暴風雨和洪水,人禍,如森林大火,政治和宗教迫害,以及對教堂和宗教殿堂的破壞,禁止集會和履行宗教活動的自由,以及在歷史中和就在眼前的大流行等。 國際商業在21世紀在中取得更大和更多的成功標記,並更引人注目;教會的“生意”在民意調查中也不例外。





第三,以悔改的心前來地敬拜,因為總會有醫生帶來痊愈(耶8:4-7; 20-22)。在我們一生中還會有其他帶來麻煩的病毒。如果基督徒說他們沒有罪;他們就是說謊的!基督徒通過認罪和來到基督面前得勝罪惡,祂的血洗淨我們所有的罪孽,使我們在父神前得以稱義。